shao kao

i just ate some shaokao with some taiwanese friends. shaokao is street barbecue. on skewers, not sausages and steaks and potato salad. you sit on the footpath with your mates and eat away for ages. part of the attraction is the time it takes… youre not in and out like at a regular restaurant. i’m told it’s really unhealthy cos it’s cooked over these little coal

pits. it’s also really yummy. specially the veggies. and tonight, having

recently taken a partial nazirite vow, was my first time eating shaokao without beer. shaokao and beer are like jumping out of a plane and parachutes: you very rarely see one without the other. well tonight was my night and i must say it’s much better for your wallet and health (the walletary inhealthstrial complex) cos you eat way less when youre not drinking.

this is a shaokao pit operating in hankou, wuhan.


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