evil puts humanity outside nature

i know that’s an enigmatic title but it’s my blog and i’ve allowed myself to be sloppy since i’m using this primarily as a conversation with myself…

there was this standup dude i was checking out last night. he’s apparently really famous, even tho i never got standup as a genre. anyway, he’s quite brainy and definitely uses his platforms to preach his philosophy.

so he’s talking about all this dark stuff, doing quite an extended bit on suicide and crazy violence, then he points out that we’re way below the level of animals cos they don’t do half the stuff to each other that we do. then he points out that it’s no surprise aliens haven’t made contact with us.

i’m writing this because i found it strange that such an intelligent man could make such contradictory comments on the human condition: straight after saying that we’re worse than animals, he talks about us being only slightly beyond the jungle, in an evolutionary sense, and that as such all the society we’ve built around us is extremely tenuous and could all come apart in a hurry.

how can such an intelligent man seem to hold simultaneously that we’re morally far more depraved than animals AND that we’re about on the same level as them? i take his denunciation of humanity, but the two ways he does it seem to cancel each other out.

all this rests on my understanding of his act as not merely out for laughs but a philosophical statement on the human condition.

and it got me thinking… i never before considered that human evil provides further indication that we are not simply animals, that we need to go outside evolution for a fuller explanation of the human condition. the comedian stated it succinctly: we’re mere animals, but we’re so much worse.

in related news, i find it annoying when people pass off extreme instances of human behaviour as occuring simply because we’re human.


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